Welcome to OlaRe

OlaRe is not just a fashion brand, it is a life philosophy: respect towards nature, culture and fellow human beings. Our accessories are light, easy to travel with, practical & match any outfit. The colours bring joy and energy into the daily routine.

Behind every scarf, necklace, belt, pouch visibly unfolds the life of an artisan workshop, a weaving community. Real people are behind every item. Look for the QR code on the label of the silk-organza sacrves to reveal the exciting story of an "endangered species", an island community.

Philosophy & Oragnisation

The single most important "ingredient" of OlaRe is the key to any success: people.

At OlaRe we

  • link the busy, travelling life of modern women and the centuries old culture of silk artisans via easy to wear travel silk accessories
  • embrace hard-working people who struggle to survive because of lack of opportunity
  • minimise environmental impact by safeguarding tradition & handicraft

OlaRe is not just a fashion brand, it is a life philosophy: respect towards nature, culture and fellow human beings. It operates as a social business.

At OlaRe people are in the centre, both the consumers and the producers, because we believe that it is people who make the difference. All we have to do is give a chance.

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Zsuzsa V. Hutton Sophea Sok Chomnab Ho Anne Lankinen Tayching Ear
business development coordination, training production, logistics marketing IT support
Switzerland Cambodia Cambodia Finland Cambodia

Letter of the founder - the start

Letter from Olare Founder

When I first arrived to Cambodia quite a few years ago, two features particularly struck me:

    1) The incredible culture and tradition around silk. For example local names for a silk refer both to the weaving technique and the occasion the fabric was meant for

    2) I met some wonderful people who worked hard, but were on the verge of complete poverty.

Despite vast presence of international support, few initiatives addressed the "grey masses" who simply tried to survive with dignity from their daily work. None would argue the importance of saving children from rubbish dumps, offering shelter to victims of land evictions, saving women from sexual harassment, or helping victims of acid attacks. Equally, none would argue that people should be able to have a decent life through their work. Yet, those who simply try to do just that, hardly get any attention. These are the people we want to work with, to help them survive and grow.
After leaving the country I have coincidentally met a young Cambodian lady in Geneva who told me "I think you could help my people, and I will help you, go ahead and help those silk artisans". Then I met Chomnab, who has dedicated all his life to support silk weavers and artisans in his own country. Anne joined the team, shared the vision, and we were ready to launch OlaRe.
Since launch our products are present in various stores in Switzerland, in both the French- and German-speaking parts of the country. We also developed alternative ways to secure work to our partner groups and at the same time educate consumers of future generations.
Zsuzsa V. Hutton

OlaRe - your favourite travel companion

Watch this short film to see our products and where they originate from. Get ideas how to wear these accessories on your travel, to the office or for leisure.